Clementine Bal

Clementine Bal is a visual artist living in Val-Revermont, France.  The French sculpting artist graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Annecy.  She creates characters that are a mixture of different animal and human forms creating a dreamlike and poetic universe.  Everything is curved, sanded carefully and then painted.  In Create Magazine she says this about her work:

“I create characters by mixing animal and human forms. I work on faces, expressions, and postures to try to give life to these creatures. They reflect my inner world, the state of mind in which I find myself, or what I would like to go towards.”  

“I like to surround myself with sweetness. This is why each little being is cared for tenderly, and sanded for a very long time. By closing their eyes, I wanted them inwardly, as in meditation.”

“My characters speak of tenderness, poetry, and empathy. These little beings communicate to us their serenity, their appeasement. I like to imagine their life, their little secrets, and that we wonder about their strangeness.”

More of her work can be found on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Clementine Bal.

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