Emily Barletta

EmilyBarlettaWe can’t seem to get enough of the freeform embroidery art created by Brooklyn-based fiber artist, Emily Barletta. We’ve posted her red work on our previous blog site and have decided to post more of her newer work. This may not be the last time we feature her for she also creates some incredible crochets. Here are just two things she reveals about her work on blog site, My Love for You:

“i never ever use a pattern.   planning things from the start = bad art.  i create a specific pleasing object over and over again with as much variation as possible, throwing the shapes into bags until i have a good amount of them.  then i start assembling.   generally, i have no idea how something will look until it is finished. “

“i think of my work as fine art.   art made out of traditional craft materials can be just as challenging as any other forms, i try not to keep it separate from painting, sculpture, or installation.”

Images: Courtesy of Emily Barletta.

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