Gil Bruvel

In 1959 Gil Bruvel was born in Australia, but raised in the South of France.  At age 9 he proclaimed himself an artist after taking drawing lessons and learning sculpture basics.  His father was a renowned cabinet maker who instilled in him an understanding of precise construction and design.  He also studied art restoration and thereafter set up his studio.  In 1990 he made the United States his permanent residence and currently based in Texas.  On Posco Newsroom he says this about his process:

“I start with various sketches and a considerable amount of time figuring out what my intentions are about a specific piece. This represents multiple iterations with sketches whether it is inspired by, as examples, erosions carved by the wind or water, dunes formations, ripples in the sand, physical sensations, motions, emotions, the grass or leaves in trees pushed by the wind and the infinite myriads of patterns small or large nature is made of.”

“Then I start to model the concepts until I think it is ready to receive a silicon mold. With this mold, we pull a wax for the lost wax process at the foundry and to finally do the casting. After removing the sprues and chasing the surface of the steel, I start to play with the reflectivity of the surface up to the most polished parts of the final sculpture.”

The artist can be followed on his website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Gil Bruvel.

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