Jacky Cheng

JackyChengJacky Cheng is a Malaysian paper artist living and working in Western Australia. Her relief cut paper work is mesmerizing with each layer trimmed and stacked upon each other. The architecture graduate on an interview with Stricly Paper says this about her process:

“It takes up to a few months to create one depending on the size. I often regard the style as a topographic technique, as they really do resemble the natural layers of our environment.”

“The idea of layering became more apparent when I started to draw with my penknife – yes… just cutting and layering one layer after another, no drawn plans, no guide, just the knife, paper and glue. The organic movement began. Surrendering to the moment began. Letting the thought process work simultaneously with the creative journey.”

As for my process, sometimes it starts from a large sheet of paper layering inwards, sometimes from a very tiny piece of paper (most often an off cut piece from previous work) and work my way outwards, or even at other times, a combination of both, inwards and outwards depending on what the design needs – scale, proportion etc.

You can follow the artist on her website and on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Jacky Cheng.

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