Jose Romussi

JoseRomussiChilean artist Jose Romussi creates intricate collages merging embroidery with photographs. The Berlin-based artist explains his work here on Mauger Modern:

“My work is a constant search to be able to express and represent my ideas. I know there is more that what is tangible and visible and I do not think everything has been done. Therefore, I am constantly exploring and discovering new techniques and materials. I want to give a new perspective to things that already exist and give a moment in time in the present to whatever has already been forgotten. I am interested on stitching the past and the present: all surfaces are penetrable.”

And also here in Fine Print Magazine:

“I was using painting in the beginning to represent my ideas like edible aniline. But I wasn’t happy with the result. I didn’t study art, so I started experimenting with different materials and surfaces until I found my own style through the embroidery technique. I did an interpretation with embroidery by chance in one of my paintings, and it felt more like my own style than the painting by itself.”

Images: Courtesy of Jose Romussi.

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