Li Xiaofeng

Li-XiaofengChinese artist, Li Xiaofeng repurposes ceramic shards to create these traditional Chinese costumes. The artist cleans the pieces, drills holes in them and ties them with wire to construct these wearable pieces. On an interview with Yatzer he describes the steps in making the sculptures:

“Firstly, composing the piece is a process. I must reflect a lot about it. I must make a rough sketch, compose, reject it and start again. Sometimes, I straightaway use Plasticene or wire to create a model. After this, after confirming the period of the shards, I classify the colour of the patterns, then put together a rough arrangement of the shards, cut and polish each piece. This is a very repetitive process. I must pay close attention to the modelling as well as the original pattern colour of the shards. I then must weld the pieces and make the final adjustments.”

The artist does not have a website but a few of his pieces and short biography can be found at Red Gate Gallery.

Images: Courtesy of Li Xiaofeng.

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