Mary Jo Hoffman

We haven’t featured many photographers on our blog but we’ve recently found a favorite. Mary Jo Hoffman is the creator behind these captivating photographs of found objects from nature. The Minnesota-based artist started a personal project in 2012 called, Still, where she posts fragments of nature daily. The compositions and outcome has been nothing but phenomenal. On an interview with Dearest Nature she shares with us a bit about her kinship with nature:

“I believe my connection to nature has a lot to do with beauty.  I am a visual artist, and I love design, and architecture, and art.  But in the end, I think nature does beauty best.  I can walk the dog on the same four-mile path every day for a year, and still be captivated most days by the variety and beauty of those surroundings.”

“I also love the solitude of natural spaces, especially wide open spaces like prairies.  I never wear an iPod or headphones when I walk in nature.   I want to hear the wind in the trees, the birds, and the skittering in the fallen leaves. I use my walks to gather my thoughts.  I am guessing some would call it a kind of daily meditation practice.  I suppose it is.  I almost always come home more centered and peaceful.”

More of her work can be seen on her blog and on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Mary Jo Hoffman.

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