Meg Callahan

Meg-CallahanThese clean geometric quilts are the works of textile artist, Meg Callahan, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She uses a combination of traditional quilting processes and modern production techniques to create these contemporary throws and wall pieces. On an interview with “We Are Visual Animals” she says this of ‘traditional construction methods’ that inspire her work:

“I like to honor and explore the rules of craftsmanship. Each craft has a set of rules that have been formulated over time to reach a point of perfection: a blending of honoring a material and its properties, the function of the object, and our human curiosities and creativity. When you are first dabbling in a craft, the work is at its most creative and innovative, because you haven’t learned the rules and therefore you have no obligation to follow them. Then you learn the rules and your work becomes weighed down by the rules. I am inspired by the point in which a maker moves past being constrained by rules and begins to work with the rules in their favor.”

Images: Courtesy of Meg Callahan.

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