Miesje Chafer

MiesjeChaferMiesje Chafer is a textile designer, doodler, screen printer and maker based in Southsea, UK. She creates and prints bold and bright geometric designs to create her line of accessories which includes cushions, quilts, purses and bags. On the website, Sorting Office, she describes her creative process as such:

“I usually start my day with printing, as this takes up the most energy. I make a list of all the different colours and patterns I want for that day, then I cut out and iron all the fabric I need for that batch of printing. I then spend the afternoon sewing/emailing/taking photos/putting stuff online/posting things/eating/napping/ until I’m too tired to do anymore and I collapse on the sofa!”

You can see more of her work on her website and on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Miesje Chafer.


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