Nathan Ford

Love these minimized yet powerful paintings of UK-based artist Nathan Ford. The painter is known for his portraiture, still life and large urban scenes all created with a distinct style. The following quotes stand out on his interview with Passing Nightmare:

“Drawing and painting are inseparable in my world, drawing is key to everything I make.”

“Whatever I’m doing I’m fully engaged in – until it stops being engaging then I stop, because there is no reason to continue when the enthusiasm is gone.”

“I love what I do, I never chose it as a career, it just so happens it brings in enough money so as not to have to think career thoughts. I left school and started a yts apprenticeship in panel beating. I hated it, after a year my mum said why didn’t I do the art thing at college while I had the freedom and was living at home. So I did, I never planned to actually make a living out of it. I think if I had gone forward with the thought of money, my decisions my have been different.”

You can view more of his work on his website and on Beaux Arts.

Images: Courtesy of Nathan Ford.

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