Olive Manna

OliveMannaOlive Manna, a lifestyle and design brand, is the creation of Indiana-based freelance web designer Natalie Jost. Her handmade product line include pack and wrap items, home decor as well as knit and crochet accessories. On an interview with Heart Made blog, she explains her favorite thing about being a designer:

“I am totally tickled by the fact that people like my stuff and buy it. It’s just amazing to me that I can have an idea I think is cool, and instantly find out if others think so too. Sometimes they don’t and it doesn’t sell, but that’s good too. I learn something about people every day. And of course, the extra income is nice too, so we can have things like Internet, our large two-bedroom home, and an occasional pizza on a Friday night.”

You can follow Olive Manna on Facebook and purchase her products on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Olive Manna.

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