Dil Se Handloom

DilSeHandloomReally liking these woven fabrics manufactured by Norm Coporation, produced in the south of India and sold under the Japanese brand, Dil Se Handloom. This collection not only includes the fabrics but also includes product extensions such as accessories and kitchen textiles. The collection can be purchased on Japanese online store, Post General Store.

Images: Courtesy of Post General Store.

Akane Mirkhani

AkaneMirkhaniAdmiring the watercolor illustrations of Japanese artist, Akane Mirkhani. She attempts successfully to represent comfort with these simple and subtle watercolor vignettes. You can  see more of her artwork on her website, and purchase her postcards here on the Japanese handmade marketplace, Iichi.

Images: Courtesy of Akane Mirkhani.


danmalaOur seasonal thought right about now probably pertains to candy so I thought you might appreciate these “sweet” mandalas created by Arizona-based artist, Kathy Klein. She is known for her stunning creations of floral mandalas but she has also made them out of sea shells. You can see more her work and purchase some of her prints on her website, dãnmãlã.

Images: Courtesy of Kathy Klein.