Ralf Nietmann

When we review an artist’ website we are always drawn first to their sketchbooks as it is a view of their life in that present moment.  Ralf Nietmann is a graphic designer who in 2006 founded his own design studio in the heart of Hamburg.  His figurative work always tries and express the one perfect moment evident in the immediacy of his drawing style. We like his work so much that we will probably follow up with more.

The artist can be followed on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Ralf Nietmann.

Lukas Frischknecht a.k.a.Wuukasch

Lukas Frischknecht a.k.a.Wuukasch is a Zurich based Illustrator, minimalist and art director.  Originally from a rural area in Eastern Switzerland but currently working as an art director in Zurich.  His designs starts as a chaotic overlap of shapes and line but reduces each design to what is most essential.

More of his work can be found on his website, Facebook and Instagram.  A few of his work can be purchased here on Society 6.

Images:  Courtesy of Lukas Frischknecht a.k.a.Wuukasch.

Moody Green Embroidery

Loving these floral monogram embroidery created by Moody Green Embroidery.  There’s very little information on the maker, Sanita, but we do know that she is from Riga, Latvia.  She creates other delicate designs besides the monograms shown above.  

You can follow the creator on Facebook and Instagram.  Some of her items can be purchased in her Etsy shop, Moody Green.

Images:  Courtesy of Moody Green Embroidery.