Shiratani Kobo

Been looking at hearts for the upcoming holiday and found these in one of Japan’s lifestyle blog.  The brand, Shiratani Kobo, makes their products using recycled scrap wood from dismantled houses and construction sites. They create household goods, stationery, accessories and furniture.   Each piece is carefully handmade with carpenter’s designs and techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years. The name of the workshop comes from the place name of Shirotani village where their workshop is located.  

More of their work can be viewed on their website, Facebook and Instagram.  They sell their work in the Japanese handmade market sites, Iichi and Minne.

Images:  Courtesy of Shiratani Kobo (aka Shiroitani Koubou).

Paul Sirand

Paul Sirand is a French Illustrator and creative director. In 2013, he co-founded Le Fruit Studio with Gaspard Silvestre. Based in Paris, he’s inspired by his dogs and nature, and the tailored, well thought out look of uniforms. This Parisian illustrator presents himself as an amateur “of games of shadows and luminous atmospheres” that he tries “to transcribe with fairly simple palettes” . “I try to tell an open story, which anyone can interpret by observing the image. The idea is above all to project people into an atmosphere and a universe”.

The artist can be followed on his website, Dribble and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Paul Sirand.

Yofukashi Drawer

Yokufashi Drawer is the brand name for this charming line of ceramic brooches.  The brand name refers to a drawer that is full of finished products after working late at night. The brooch is made by pressing a handmade eraser stamp into clay.  The silhouette of flowers are then painted giving the piece an old world quality.  

You can follow this brand on Instagram.  Their shop is located on Japanese sites, Minne and Creema.

Images:  Courtesy of Yokufashi Drawer.

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