Rob Blackard

Really liking the bold, graphic illustrations of artist Rob Blackard. The New York/California-based designer, illustrator and product developer blends color, shape and typography in many of his pieces which he labels as a ‘playful sophistication’ style. On an interview with Creative Honey he says this about his work as a product designer and leaves an advice for entry level creators:

“Creating something that has a life or function beyond being purely visual is one of my favorite things about product design. I work quite a bit in the art/craft/DIY category. Some examples are paper crafting and fabric. People are inspired by what I’ve created and use that as a jumping off point for their own projects. They take what I’ve done and then create something entirely different and new from it. I love seeing what they come up with and I’m continually inspired and motivated by their talent and vision.”

“Be appreciative of your talents and vision. Appreciate that you are a creator and trust that everything will unfold for you in just the right way. Opportunity is all around you.”

You can follow the artist on his website, Facebook, Behance and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Rob Blackard.

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