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Aki Kasara

Taisuke Takehiro aspired to ceramic art and studied in Tokyo, Bizen, and Shigaraki.  She constructed her kiln in 1987 and in 2014 established her brand, Aki Kasara in a quiet mountain village in Kakegawa City, Japan.  Her focus is on simple, primitive, flat brooch that looks like metal but is actually hard porcelain.  By adding platinum, palladium and other elements the color can be changed according to the application.  Her designs include plants, animals, geometric patterns.

More of her work can be viewed on her website, Instagram and on her Iichi shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Aki Kasara.

Yofukashi Drawer

Yokufashi Drawer is the brand name for this charming line of ceramic brooches.  The brand name refers to a drawer that is full of finished products after working late at night. The brooch is made by pressing a handmade eraser stamp into clay.  The silhouette of flowers are then painted giving the piece an old world quality.  

You can follow this brand on Instagram.  Their shop is located on Japanese sites, Minne and Creema.

Images:  Courtesy of Yokufashi Drawer.

Sawa Matsuda

Sawa Matsuda is a handicraft artist who encountered the technique of “macrame lace” that creates shapes and patterns by tying threads together.  She felt the potential of macrame using fine threads and created a line of attractive accessories that incorporate various knots using natural colored threads such as ecru and beige. She has been working on macrame lace since 2010 and her work has been featured at art exhibitions and events in galleries and shops.  She has also published two books, “Macrame Lace Accessories” and “Macrame Accessories and Bags”.

More of her work can be viewed on her blog and Instagram.  Her shop can be found here in Iichi.

Images:  Courtesy of Sawa Matsuda.

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