Yulia Brodskaya

yuliabrodskayaWe’ve featured her work before on our previous blog site but the artist is worth a revisit since she has since elevated the paper craft, quilling, into fine art with this series, ‘painting with paper’. Russian-born Yulia Brodskaya is a paper artist and graphic designer currently based in the UK. These portraits are all about color and the unique tactile feel that paper strips add to it. The images resemble an oil/acrylic painting especially from a distance. She explains her new work here as follows:

“Initially when I just started to use paper craft, I was concerned about the limitations of quilling technique and the material – paper & card. I have started my portrait series in an attempt to overcome the limitations of the technique and find ways to bring this type of artworks onto a new level in terms of their ability to convey meaning and emotions. After a few years of experiments I no longer feel constrained by the medium, I learned to incorporate other paper craft techniques in addition to quilling, and all in all this makes the artworks visually more interesting and allows me to stay true to paper as only material. I think the strength of working within the medium/material constraints comes from the need to explore the medium and methods in more depth instead of looking into completely different directions. I still can’t see myself switching to any other material.”

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Images: Courtesy of Yulia Brodskaya.

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