Zoe Bradley

zoebradleyAdmiring these incredible floral paper sculptures by UK-based designer, Zoe Bradley. She uses her background as a fashion designer to create window installations, clothes and a variety of sculpted pieces. In an article on Sotheby’s she says this about her preferred material, paper, and
her creative process:

“As paper is a delicate material, we always start with the foundation and structure. Many of my large installation pieces have welded steel frame structures beneath them in order for the delicate textile to be added onto them.”

“I create all my paper works from my studio. I have an excellent team who works alongside me to help realise the finished spectacle. The length of time to create any one piece is usually four to six weeks. Factors such as scale and detail will always have an impact and make the job more complex. Mostly my commissions are bespoke, but I also produce multiples, which takes time as each piece is hand-sculpted and finished.”

You can see more of her work on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Zoe Bradley.

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