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Nijiyura Tenugui

We like bringing items back from Japan especially tenugui towels.  They are made from thin cotton approximately 14 x 36 inches.  They function as towels but can also be a washcloth, dishcloth, headband, decoration or as a gift wrap. What we love about them are their unique designs.  The items shown above are from the hand towel specialty store, Nijiyura, a brand of Senten Tenugui established to protect craftsmen and traditional culture. 

More of their designs can be viewed on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Nijiyura.

Andy Wooldridge

Andy Wooldrige is an established Canadian artist born in Egypt and raised in England.  He completed four years of formal training at Southhampton College of Art and Design.  Glowing whites and contrasting soft deep blacks are central dramatic elements in his work.  On Kurbatoff Gallery he says this about his work:

“I treat my canvas like a stage set, with simplified shapes and forms, deliberately placed to produce an artificial landscape. I try to convey the feeling we have when watching the curtain rise in a darkened theatre auditorium, when, for that brief moment, we suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to be transported into an alternative reality.”

More of his work can be viewed here on his website.

Images:  Courtesy of Andy Wooldridge.

Kevin Lucbert

Kevin Lucbert is a French artist who graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts is Paris.  He regularly participates in exhibitions and leads workshops of drawing. He is known for his collection of blue line drawings using a Bic pen or a Uniball colored pen.  He lives and works between Berlin and Paris and produces drawings for French and international clients.   On an interview with JungKatz he says this about the supplies he uses: 

“I like to draw with simple elements that I can carry everywhere: sketchbook, biro pen, eraser, sometimes a ruler. These are simple tools that provide some boundaries as well as a lot of potential. I like the idea of expressing the most with the humblest implement. Right now I mostly use a blue biro BIC pen on Moleskine drawing paper. I love this paper. It is not too bright white but a little bit yellow. I also like to use Uniball colored ballpoint pens. I love working on monochrome pictures because they communicate directly the idea they want to express with great visual impact. Decorative and superficial elements become less important then. During my travels, I like to use watercolors to make spontaneous drawings. I prefer to do sketches in order to remember places I have seen and people I have met rather than photography.”

The artist can be followed on his website, Tumblr and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Kevin Lucbert.