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Tetsuya Nagata

Ten years ago Osaka born paper artist Tetsuya Nagata started collecting wooden moulds with which Japanese traditional sweets are made.  Having collected more than 2,000 molds, Nagata created three dimensional embossed groupings of sea breams, peonies, chrysanthemums, deities and more.  The material used is Japanese paper, washi, made from mulberry, mitsumata, and ganpi. By pressing Nishinouchi washi into the carved wooden molds he created delicate sculptural works that celebrate tradition with a contemporary flair. He learned this technique of natural sculpting at Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts.

 “I would like to leave a memory of Japanese beauty and tradition that people have forgotten. I am fascinated by the beauty of Japanese design that has been put into wooden moulds. Those moulds have in themselves the history of each craftsman’s work.”

You can follow the artist here on his website.

Images:  Courtesy of Tetsuya Nagata.

Fiona Hewitt

Have always loved vintage Chinese kitsch, the style of art created by Scottish illustrator, Fiona Hewitt.  The Brighton-based artist is an award-winning illustrator whose work has been used for animation, product design, editorial, advertising and publishing.  She has spent four years living in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai soaking up the colours, textures, icons and graphic styles of Asia. Upon her return to the UK she along with Asian kitsch expert, Andy Tainton,  created a company called Wu and Wu.  This move enabled her to transform her love of the Asian design aesthetic, nostalgia and sweet childhood memories into her art and her product range. 

More of her work can be found on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  Some of her products can be purchased in her Etsy shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Fiona Hewitt.

Moleskine Planner Project

It’s still pretty cold out there so you may want to stay in and give your Moleskine planner an embroidered cover.  We found this project and the full instruction on the blog, What’s Next? by yukiko.

The designer and maker is Japanese illustrator, Yukiko Otsu.  She graduated from Sheridan College for Computer Animation in Canada and also completed a 3-year Interpretive Illustration course.  She started as an illustrator, then expanded a variety of art like digital art, blogging, sewing, knitting, crochet, fashion and any decorative art you can think of.  

You can follow the artist on her website, blog and Facebook.  She has shop on Society 6 and on Etsy.

Images:  Courtesy of Yukiko Otsu.

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