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Alison Milner

Alison-MilnerAdmiring the diverse work of British designer, Alison Milner. She originally trained in furniture design but has since broadened her skills to include illustration, exhibitions and product design.  She also has a thorough knowledge of a variety of materials and production processes. On an interview with the blog, Pattern Booth, she gives this advice to creators wanting to follow her footsteps:

“Give yourself enough time to research widely. Keep interests away from your specialisation. Keep sketchbooks of ideas. Read and write. If you don’t do all these things your work will just look like other peoples work.

I think a good computer and Adobe Creative suite are a must… when you start you can generate all your own marketing material, website, etc.

Be patient and true to yourself.”

Images: Courtesy of Alison Milner.

Mops Design

JoannaChomka-JaworskaLiking the simple, contemporary graphics on these porcelain ware from Polish design and manufacturing studio, Mops Design. The studio is a collaborative effort between ceramist/designer, Joanna Chomka-Jaworska and architect, Arkadiusz Jaworski. Here’s what was written in Culture.PL regarding working as a couple:

“In the end there is one voice, coming out of hours of conversations and discussions. At the beginning each of us has his or her own opinion and we defend in any possible way, but with compromise in mind. When we manage to reach it, we both work on the concept. The most important thing is that in the end the product should be convincing for us and well-made at every level.”

Images: Courtesy of Mops Design and Meble.PL.


BarruntandoAnimal lovers will appreciate these miniature ceramic pieces from Spanish company, Barruntando. The company was formed with a group of girls from different areas of Spain all with a common hobby, ceramics. Eyeing the whimsical yarn bowl for myself. Following is their mission statement:

“Our main goal is to provide a small breath of fresh air to the ceramic, resulting in bright and casual designs, handcrafted with raw materials and traditional techniques, one by one; why all our jobs are unique, no two are alike.”

You can follow them here on Facebook and purchase their items here on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Barruntando.