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Hannah Waldron

HannahWaldronLondon and Stockholm-based multi-disciplinary artist and designer Hanna Waldron is well known for her amazing textile and tapestry designs. We are particularly liking her illustration style based on a grid-base image making process. There’s a rhythm in all her work where you can see the influences of line, pattern, texture and structures of her surroundings.

Images: Courtesy of Hannah Waldron.

Brian Rea

BrianReaDiscovered the illustrations of Brian Rea in the luxury brand online store, Marni, and immediately became a fan of his work. Love the uncomplicated, minimalist and primitive approach to his art as well as the constrained humor expressed. He has produced drawings and designs for a variety of projects including short animations, one of our favorites entitled, “Building Tomorrow”.

Images: Courtesy of Brian Rea.

Lynn Tomlinson

LynnTomlinsonCan’t fully appreciate these incredible clay paintings by interdisciplinary artist, Lynn Tomlinson, until you’ve watched the mesmerizing short film for which they were adapted. The artist wrote the lyrics to the film and created the clay on glass animation, “The Ballad of Holland Island House”. Here’s what she writes about the project:

“I came across the haunting image of a house standing alone in the water in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Reading more about this house, I was struck by its story, and its relevance today, when so many communities are facing challenges from sea-level rise. The images I chose and the visual style reflects the artwork of Winslow Homer, VanGogh, and Kathe Kolwitz, artists working in the late 1800’s, the time period when the house on Holland Island was abandoned.”

Images: Courtesy of Lynn Tomlinson.