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The Collectors Room

TheCollectorsRoomThis line of letterpress products is the creation of Erin Cunneen, a Sydney-based type lover and a paper obsessed printer who has a passion to create simple, timeless pieces that can be treasured forever. Her studio, The Collectors Room, offer both letterpress printing and handcrafted event styling. You can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram and purchase some printed items on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of The Collectors Room.

Andrew Pavitt

AndrewPavitt Admiring the bold color palette and simple shapes of UK-based illustrator and print maker, Andrew Pavitt. His work is inspired by pattern designers and British landscape painters of the mid-twentieth century. Much of his work can be seen at Art Angels Publishing.

Images: Courtesy of Andrew Pavitt.

Rei (Ray) Morimura

RayMorimuraThese contemporary woodblock prints are the creations of Japanese artist, Rei (Ray) Morimura. He began his career as a modern painter using abstract geometric forms, which later had a deep influence in much of his prints of Japanese landscapes. Considered one of Japan’s greatest living woodblock printer, his work is easily recognizable by his use of ‘flat’ perspective often depicted from a high vantage point. His prints are available in Azuma Gallery, Seattle.

Images: Courtesy of Rei Morimura.