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Georgina Buentiempo

Don’t know much about embroidery artist Georgina Buentiempo but we do like her work.  We also know she likes hand embroidery boards, scissors, black thread and El Corazón.

You can find the artist on Facebook and Instagram.  Her hand embroidered hoops and accessories can be purchased on her Etsy shop, LaBuentiemperia.

Images:  Courtesy of Georgina Buentiempo.

Darren Ball

UK textile artist Darren Ball received a BA degree in fashion textile from Middlesex Polytechnic and worked as a freelance artist. He taught himself machine embroidery while teaching art and textiles.  His work combines layers of new and historical textiles with stitches of free embroidery to create these incredible stylized images.  

The artist can be found on his website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Darren Ball.

Kumi Kosuge

Kumi Kosuge is the talent behind the Japanese embroidery brand, EHEHE.  She studied photography in an art college but found herself leaning towards art and literature.  Embroidery started out as a hobby giving her work to friends and family.  She started to post her work on Instagram and as her followers increased she decided to take up embroidery as a full-time job.

What attracted us to her work was the inclusion of animals in her designs. She also includes some of her favorite things such as flowers, food and celebrities.

You can follow the artist on her Tumblr website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Kumi Kosuge.