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Marina Adamova

MarinaAdamovaThese stunning paper cut designs are the work of Moscow-based graphic designer and illustrator,
Marina Adamova. We are especially liking her alphabet illustrations in particular the letter “Q” of the “Queen of Hearts” illustration. You can see more of her amazing work on her website and also view her portfolio here on Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Marina Adamova.

Giuliana Lazzerini

Guiliana-LazzeriniThese enticing linocut prints are the works of UK-based artist, Giuliana Lazzerini. The Italian artist was greatly influenced by the time spent in her father’s mosaic studio in Italy where: “The Tuscan landscape and her childhood memories bear a strong influence on Giuliana’s work and her use of colour plays an important role in conveying emotion in all her subjects.” You can view more of her work including her paintings on her website and some of her prints are available here in her Etsy shop, The Bluebird Gallery. She writes this about her linocut process:

“I carve my linocuts and woodcuts by hand and ink them, then individually print them myself on a hand operated machine (printing press) and sometimes burnishing them by hand. This process is repeated for every colour as prints are made of 3/4 plates.”

Images: Courtesy of Giuliana Lazzerini.

Tammis Keefe

TammisKeefeTammis Keefe was an American textile designer known primarily for creating hundreds of handkerchief designs between 1944 and 1960. She was probably the first designer to initiate
product branding by signing her artwork in the corner of the textiles. You can view more of her
work here at and here at

Images: Courtesy of