Bo Lundgren

Bo-LundbergThese bold, retro evocative style illustrations are the works of Swedish graphic designer and illustrator, Bo Lundgren, We love the simplicity, elegant colors and distinct graphic elements in his work. On his biography in the French art agency, Agent 002, he says this about himself:

“I was born not so long ago, and spent my childhood in a cold climate near the arctic circle. When other kids were rolling around in the snow, I preferred to stay in and draw. Nowadays the other kids roll around in bars and sometimes I join them. Then I head back to my office to make colourful illustrations on the computer.”

“I received my formal training at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. Upon graduation, I made my living as an Art Director for a few years before moving over to graphic design and eventually illustration.”

“I draw inspiration from furniture, modern antiques, objects and patterns that I stumble across in everyday life. I believe for an image to work, it should reflect something to which the viewer is able to relate. That way, I make an illustration that is enriched by the viewer’s own experiences.

Images: Courtesy of Bo Lundgren.

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