Erin Lightfoot

Erin Lightfoot is the daughter of an architect and sculptor. She trained formally in both graphic and fashion design before selecting ceramics as the medium to launch her label in 2011. The Australian-based artist creates porcelain jewelry and vases. She creates simple forms in porcelain decorated with subtle color schemes and geometric patterns.Her brand can be found in many galleries and gift boutiques around Australia.

In and article on  the Museum of Contemporary Art she gives this advice in particular to women artists:

“Well, the advice I would give to anyone wanting to explore (or work with) their creativity is to start working on a project right away. It takes time for things to build and you can’t really predict how things will work out, but I think it’s really important to create work consistently. Consistent output helps build momentum.”

The artist can be followed on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  Some of her items can be purchased on her website shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Erin Lightfoot.

Pippa Drylaga

Pippa Drylaga is a paper cutting artist and printmaker based in Yorkshire, England.  She completed her Degree in Contemporary Art Practice at Leeds Metropolitan University where she also completed her MA in Art and Design and Curation. She first started paper cutting in 2010. The paper cut works are hand cut from a single sheet of paper drawn first by hand and then cut with a scalpel. In an interview with My Modern Met she says this about her drive to finish a complex project:

“For me, the process of making the artwork is as important as the finished piece. It’s a very meditative process and one which I very much enjoy. Due to the fact that it is so delicate, it’s a very slow process which can’t be rushed, and so it has to be something you enjoy doing! It isn’t a chore, you can get into a rhythm and it becomes very easy to spend hours working.”

More of her work can be seen on her website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Pippa Drylaga.

Donald Sultan

Admiring the abstract interpretation of flowers by painter, sculptor and printmaker, Donald Sultan.  He is known for his large-scale still-life paintings utilizing bold, contrasting colors and play on positive and negative space. The artist was born in Asheville, North Carolina and currently lives and works in New York. He has exhibited widely and his works can be seen in major museums worldwide.

The artist can be followed here on his website.

Images:  Courtesy of Donald Sultan.