Captivated by these half-glass, half-knitted vases developed by Italian designer, Sofia Lazzeri and Swiss designer, Alexandra Denton. The collaborative project is appropriately called Innesti, “the Italian word for grafting, a botanic technique used to join tissue from one plant with another, with the purpose of creating new varieties.”

“Their project aims to enhance the voices of the materials and stimulate an aesthetic experience that celebrates contrasts, knowledge and tradition.”

Images: Courtesy of Sofia Lazzari and Alexandra Denton of Innesti.


Walter Hunt – Inventor of the Safety Pin

Minimal Safety Pin Necklace hand thrown and hand illustrated safety pin bowl Shirt Embellished with Safety Pins- Viola SALE Mt Japanese Washi Tape SAFETY PIN 35mm x 10m (kmmt-mktex7-a)
Safety pin brooch with felted and plastic beads, Multicolor brooch, Woolen balls, Gift for mom, Charm brooch, Summer trends, Bag accessories Safety Pins Necklace,Chunky Chain Necklace,Ceramic Beads Necklace,Steampunk Necklace Polymer Clay Brooch /  Petite House Pin / Polymer clay Charms punk earring with black safety pins
Vintage Versace Handbag from the Iconic  GIANNI VERSACE Couture PIN  Collection Mum baby accessories Safety pin Baby Boat / Stroller or diaper Bag Accessory / Red strips / Postcard / Boats /mum baby origami Silver and Blue Hijab Safety Pin Timeless Treasures "Novelty" Tossed Safety Pins in White 1 Yard Cut
Safety Pin Necklace, Quirky Resin Pendant, Resin Jewelry, Punk Goth Boho Chic, Upcycled Recycled Jewelry Jewellery Zip Pocket Pouch- Safety Pins Big safety pin bangle bracelet in 2 colors One Antiqued Larger Hammered Copper Safety Pin

Our latest Etsy treasury is about the creative use of the safety pin. Walter Hunt is an American mechanic and a prolific inventor also known for the lockstitch sewing machine and the fountain pen.

Images:  Courtesy of Etsy vendors.

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Jen Stark

JenStarkJen Stark is the contemporary artist behind these amazing hand cut paper sculptures. She draws inspiration from patterns in nature, wormholes and sliced anatomy. The intricate geometric works are further highlighted by her use of vibrant colors. On a recent interview she says this of her work:

“There are so many natural forms that have complex mathematical equations that we don’t even know how to calculate, yet is seems like this equation flows through so many living things from fractals to snowflakes, and from the shape of a hurricane to the similar-looking milky way galaxy. I love to think that there is a secret answer to all these mysteries and am trying to discover it through my artwork.”

Images: Courtesy of Jen Stark.