Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra Buckle is a reduction linocut printmaker based in Bicester, England.  Reduction linocuts involves cutting and inking several layers from a single linoleum block to create a multi-colored print.  The first color is printed, then the block reduced by cutting away and the second color is printed on top of the first color. The block is repeatedly cut and inked until you have your finished print.  The professional printmaker is impressionistic in style,  colorful, full of light, depth and detail.  Many of her linocuts are woodland themed finding them a constant source of inspiration.   On Jackson’s Art she says this about her use of colors:

“I work from my own photos, so the colours are partly guided by the photo, but generally I find the photos are more helpful in guiding me with the tonal values. The colours are mainly guided from my memory of the scene with a little artistic license added in to create the correct mood! Sometimes once I start printing, the results start to dictate the colour choices and I have to readjust my plan! I normally use 5 or 6 colours in each print. The most I have ever used is 8, but I felt that the piece didn’t really benefit from having more colours.”

The artist can be followed on her website and on Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Alexandra Buckle.

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