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Rie Taniguchi

If you love nature as much as we do you will probably appreciate these life forms created by UK-based metalsmith, Rie Taniguchi. Her pieces incorporate sterling silver, gold, semiprecious stones. She describes her work in an artist statement on Mobilia-Gallery:

“I make objects to look at or to wear, mainly in the shapes of various life forms, focusing on endangered species. I draw my inspiration freely from everything I see, read and hear. My main interests and concerns, aside from the arts, are in environment and wildlife. News, documentaries, folk tales and myths all come into consideration. I try to express the essence of life with satire and playfulness, portraying animals within their environments or in a situation when possible. The aim is to make it life-like rather than realistic. I am discovering that true animal forms are more fantastic than the fantastical and more challenging to make. Images from my childhood still influence me through the experience of making numerous drawings as I plan each piece. I draw from photographs, films and real life, before drawing from memory and designing.”

Images: Courtesy of Rie Taniguchi.

Joanne Haywood

JoanneHaywoodAdmiring the work of mixed-media jewelry designer, Joanne Haywood. The UK-based artist utilizes both metal and textiles along with the techniques of crochet, stitchery, felting, fusing, oxidizing and forming. Great crafts such as these makes one want to ditch the computer and work with tactile materials again.

Images: Courtesy of Joanne Haywood.

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