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Fabrika Uka

Admiring the patterns on these bags created by Ayumi Toda the designer and founder of Fabrika Uka.  Since 2000 she has worked in design as an illustration production for space, graphic design, magazines and books. She started Fabrica Uka in 2012 and in 2016 she created her original textile brand, ‘Tayutou’ distributed by KOKKA Co. , Ltd.  Fabrika Uka makes cloth miscellaneous goods mainly made of linen fabric with hand-printed patterns of daily life images.

More of her designs can be viewed on her website, Instagram and Pinterest.  Her shop is located here but you may have to notify her regarding international deliveries.

Images:  Courtesy of Fabrika Uka.


Really liking this nondirectional pattern design from Japanese brand, Tricoté.  This line series is printed randomly so that each item will look different.  The pattern is printed on recycled leather and made into various items such as coin cases, mini wallets, book covers and leather files.  The available colors are mint and gray and can be purchased at Kinarino Mall.  Unfortunately, they do not sell or ship internationally but we posted this pattern for its inspirational impact.

Images:  Courtesy of Tricoté and Kinarino Mall, Japan.

Turbo Pattern and Design

One of our favorite project as graphic designers is to create surface pattern designs. The patterns shown above are the works of Takuya Tada, designer, director and surface pattern designer for Turbo Pattern and Design.  The artist is based in Osaka, Japan. After working at a design office, he worked at a trading company for design and direction centered on space production graphics.  He also worked as a pattern designer making patterns for 1500 days in a row and this year started activities as Turbo Pattern & Design.

More of his work can be found on his website, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Turbo Pattern and Design.

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