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Present & Correct

Present&CorrectPlanning to order a few items from this London online stationery retailer, Present & Correct. The shop sells their own designs as well as new and vintage items from around the world. Particularly loving the vintage and vintage-inspired objects as they fire up distant memories of simpler times, certainly a nice diversion from this digital world.

Images: Courtesy of Present & Correct.

Tammis Keefe

TammisKeefeTammis Keefe was an American textile designer known primarily for creating hundreds of handkerchief designs between 1944 and 1960. She was probably the first designer to initiate
product branding by signing her artwork in the corner of the textiles. You can view more of her
work here at and here at

Images: Courtesy of

My Vintage Book Collection (in blog form)

MyVintageBookCollectionInspired by many of the book illustrations posted on the blog, My Vintage Book Collection (in blog form). We had many favorites but we particularly like the illustrations from the Polish Cookbook by Zofia Czerny and illustrated by Czeslaw Wielhorki, published in 1961. This amazing vintage picture book collection is the compilation of Mallory McInnis and some of the books can be purchased in her Etsy shop, Elwood & Eloise.

Images: Courtesy of Mallory McInnis.

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