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Aprés Ski

ApresSkiWe have a new appreciation for those blank wooden beads found in many craft stores after seeing the creations of Barcelona-based designer Lucia Vergara. These pieces sold under the brand, Aprés Ski, are made primarily of glossy hand-lacquered wooden beads often painted with stripes, dots, grids and marbling effects. They are connected with a brass chain and are sometimes embellished with brass and ceramic beads. The jewelry are available in her store here at Big Cartel.

Images: Courtesy of Aprés Ski.

Masu Boxes

OhashiRyokiMasu boxes have been around for over 1300 years and originally used as food measuring cup. Today they are used primarily as sake drinking vessels but can also be used as wooden cases, display boxes or gift boxes. These wooden boxes are produced without nails. They are precisely cut and wedged together using a small amount of glue. The great designs shown above were created by Japanese company, Ohashi Ryoki Ltd., who has been making these boxes for over 60 years.

Images: Courtesy of Ohashi Ryoki Ltd.

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