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Mika Hirasa is an embroidery writer and illustrator based in Kobe, Japan.  She graduated from Kobe University majoring in business administration.  After working at a foreign-affiliated manufacturer, she taught herself dyeing, sewing and drawing with free motion sewing machine embroidery, eventually establishing her artistic career under the artist name, Micao.  Her work is widely used in advertising for major companies, books, magazine cover pictures, and collaboration with major sundry makers.

The artist can be followed on her website, Facebook, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Micao.

Fumio Watanabe

Amazed by the beautiful landscape illustrations of Japanese illustrator, Fumio Watanabe.  Wish we could tell you more about the artist but there was very little information available.  We do know that he graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar in Shinjuku City, Tokyo and is a member of Tokyo Illustrators Society.

More of his work can be viewed on his website, Facebook and TIS (Tokyo Illustrators Society).

Images:  Courtesy of Fumio Watanabe.

Tomoko Takeda

Tomoko Takeda is a designer and art director based in Tokyo, Japan. She has created these book sculptures which “are not for reading, but meant to be looked at and enjoyed“.  The artist cuts and carves away at the pages of literature classics and turns them into book art with each design relating to the content of the story.

The artist can be followed here on Behance.

Images:  Courtesy of Tomoko Takeda.