Corinne Sleight

These incredible hand embroidery designs are the works UK-based artisan Corinne Sleight. She learned to stitch and knit as a child but has started embroidering professionally just a few years ago. Her unique style combines satin stitches, intricate patterns and a bold combination of colors. On Random Acts of Amy blog she says this about her work:

“The recurrent theme in my work would have to be colour, colour and more colour! Colour makes me happy, whether complementary or clashing. My embroidery style has developed significantly over the past couple of years, from stitching for stitching’s sake, to my current Satin Stitched pieces.  In this seemingly frantic paced world, I derive so much peace and calm from stitching and the precision which Satin Stitch requires focuses the mind!”

You can see more of her work on Instagram and some of her pieces are available in her Etsy shop, The Grumpy Crafter.

Images: Courtesy of Corinne Sleight.

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