DifferantlyDifferantly is a creative studio run by two French artists currently based in Paris and Berlin. They specialize in illustration and graphic arts, exploring the concept of continuity through one line minimalist artwork. We are particularly attracted to these one line renditions of
iconic sneakers. On an interview with Design Hooks they discuss the origin and story of their work:

“We often explore the concept of continuity through one continuous line creations. We are very attached to this drawing technique as it obliges to make strong choices and seek for efficiency with as less as possible.”

“Even though our creations are sleek and minimalist, our creative process comprises several phases, some of them being visually rich and complex. We always need a maturation time to let go what’s not substantive and make sure what remains is meaningful and has its own intrinsic beauty.”

You can see more of their one line icons on their website, Behance and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Differantly.

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