Hanna Nyman

Loving these narrative dimensional illustrations created by Stockholm-based print designer, Hanna Nyman. Her grandmother was a florist and so it is not surprising that cut-paper blooms
has been the focus of her work. On an interview with Bibelot Magazine she says this about her medium:

“I fell in love with paper instantly and learnt how to make paper three dimensional. I don’t really see myself as an origami artist even though I love origami. I use paper in a different way; I cut it and bend it and build pictures with it, as illustrations almost.”

“I like how paper feels and how you can bend, fold or roll a piece of paper. Its a simple material and its easy to handle. You don´t need any machines or much equipment. But what appeals most to me with paper is that something that is just flat and plain can be built in to almost anything three dimensional.”

You can follow the artist on her website, her “Back to Poetry” website and the bulk of her work can be found on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Hanna Nyman.

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