Irma Gruenholz

IrmaGruenholzMadrid-based three dimensional artist Irma Gruenholz refers to her work as clay illustration.  She studied graphic design and worked as an art director in an ad agency before embarking on a freelance career as an illustrator. Th illustrations are hand sculpted and photographed with special lighting to give the sculptures a sense of depth. On an interview with Brown Paper Bag she describes the materials she uses in achieving a certain level of detailing:

“The main materials I use in my work are plasticine and clay. If the piece dictates, I often combine clay with various materials such as paper, metal, wood, found objects… I love work­ing with all kinds of elements and textures, exploring the possibilities of each project. This is the feature that I most like of working in three dimensions — you can incorporate all kinds of materials depend­ing on the piece. The creative process is very exciting.”

Her portfolio can be viewed here on Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Irma Gruenholz.

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