Jeremy Booth

JeremyBoothJeremy Booth is a freelance designer and illustrator from Louisville, Kentucky. We love his flat illustrations with a minimalist approach. His bold style is bright and colorful with pop art and 1960’s influence. On an interview with The Anchored Soul he says this about his process:

“I start off on dotted grid paper, then I use a clutch pencil. Usually I draw out the direction I want to go, then when I fine tune that, I actually go into serious drawing. Once that’s completed, I either use transparent paper to trace it on with Micron pens, or I use a lightbox. Recently, I’ve been using more calligraphy pens and quills and stuff too. The ones you actually dip in an ink well…. Then at that point, I take it and scan it into the computer and I digitalize it. After it’s digitalized, I tweak it to how I want it – to more of a graphic design with aesthetics digitally. I incorporate it initially in Illustrator and once it’s fine-tuned in there, I bring it into Photoshop. [I] finish it there and then you have a final product.”

You can find the artist on his website, Behance and Dribble.

Images: Courtesy of Jeremy Booth.

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