Lee McKenna

LeeMcKenna Found Lee McKenna’s collages on Tumblr but know very little about her except that she resides in Melbourne, Australia. We did find her artist statement on Boom Gallery in which she writes:

“My collages embrace the imperfection of old, used, discarded and damaged paper. These papers depict moments in time – often bearing marks and traces of a past life and the human hand. I ‘rescue’ these unwanted fragments, creating layers and building connections into some sort of new, elusive and unpredictable thing. The process is wholly tactile – nothing is digital. I like the restrictions that this creates… the hand-cutting and gluing down, the use of only original papers and ephemera. Elements are added or removed, or covered over and reworked. Ideas and narratives may emerge, but often a series is initiated through the acquisition of a certain type of raw material – an old photo album, a stash of old maps, a pile of old postcards…”

You can follow her blog on Tumblr and see more of her work on Pinterest and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Lee McKenna.

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