Magnus Voll Mathiassen

magnusvollmathiassenIntrigued by these portraits created by Norwegian art director, illustrator and graphic designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen aka The MVM. He is known for his bold colors, graphic shapes and strong patterns.
On an interview with K’nstrct he says this about his favorite tools:

“Whenever I have a project where I need to use cutting board, knife, paper, and my hands, I truly enjoy that. Everything physical. Any tool that gives me some time off from the computer is truly appreciated. The computer isn’t my favourite one, but unfortunately like for everyone else, it’s become an extra limb you can’t function without.”

And on Creative Commission he says this about his style:

“To me, design should be based on a foundation that will dictate all possible visual elements, and the outcome should be easily understood, meaning it should be easy to see what the core foundation is. Secondly, a lot of my work is leaning towards the minimal spectrum, visually. This is both because I personally find “busy” work sometimes hiding the message, and more importantly living in a country with nature that just makes all things human made fade in contrast. Also, nature is a constant part of your consciousness and subconsciousness, therefore the more minimal looking work is a counterpart to just that. As a Norwegian at least. But I feel it is hard to be true to all this, and luckily some work turns out very, very differently. And I do love all sorts of work because it would be extremely boring of everyone just did the same as me.”

You can follow the artist on his website and on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Magnus Voll Mathiassen.

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