Maya Matthew

mayamatthewAdmiring the embroidered fabric book created by Bangalore-based stitcher, Maya Matthew. Her blog, Million Little Stitches, is described as a ‘creative outpourings of the stitch obsessed’. She shows pictures of other embroidered books but this book of various stitches is by far our favorite. She writes this about
creative ‘time’ here on her blog:

“I believe if you use the method of “going with the flow” in a creative process the one thing you need in abundance is – time.”

“Time for trials, time for an idea to evolve and mature, time to execute, and make changes and time for contemplation, to know when its all done and not another stitch or sequin is required. The luxury of time alas is not the case with most projects I undertake.Projects which are constrained by time I must admit bring in the money but those which have time on their side, grow, evolve and are touched with a special je ne sais quoi.”

Images: Courtesy of Maya Matthew.

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