Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu

MiaWenHsuanMia Wen-Hsuan Liu is a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute and currently residing and working in Taipei, Taiwan. The artist finds her inspiration in various types of paper and uses them as a creative medium for her installation works. In an article on Paper N Design she describes her creative process:

“I like to draw freely, and is particularly mesmerized by the unique textures created by drawing on different papers; therefore, I love to discover different papers from my everyday life to use as my creative medium, and the medium itself also leads to the inspiration for my installation works.  The process also goes on to form the clear emergence of my creative theme.  By contemplating on a break-through way of working with flat and 3-dimensional structures, I have produced a series of drawings that have superseded 2-dimension, and I call them ‘Installation Drawing’.”

You can see more of her work on her website and on Flickr.

Images: Courtesy of Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu.

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