Quentin Monge

French artist Quentin Monge grew up on a beach in the south of France. After traveling and working in Australia, UK and Paris he decided to go back to Saint Tropez. His childhood under the sun of the french riviera in the inspiration for most of his work. Since 2015 he has worked as a freelance illustrator for major companies.  On an interview with Turnbull and Asser he says this about his work:

“My work is minimalist. I pay a lot of attention on shapes and compositions—I love to work on patterns.”

“It seems that blue and pink are coming back quite often, but when it comes to colour choices I couldn’t really explain it, it just feels right or not depending on the subject/composition. It’s very subjective.”

More of his work can be found on his website, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Quentin Monge.

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