Shan Goshorn

ShanGoshornEastern Band Cherokee artist Shan Goshorn weaves baskets using wood pulp paper infused with reproductions of historical manuscripts and photographs. She labels her work as traditional contemporary addressing human rights issues hat affect today’s native Indians. In an aritcle on the Indian Country Today Media Network she says this about her work:

“While my work may invite controversy, my intent is to invite dialogue as a result of that controversy.  The reason this works is that people are intrigued by the traditional shapes, colors, and patterns and become interested in learning more about what the basket has to say.”

“There’s an old saying that civilization is judged by the art it leaves behind.  These paper baskets will last up to 200 years under the right conditions, but they’re not about longevity, they’re about creating dialogue now, engaging the viewer to lean in, see the piece, and understand some of the issues continuing to affect us today.  Some people say, ‘get over it, that was 200 years ago,’ but these issues are still relevant in today’s society.”

You can follow the artist on her website, blog and Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Shan Goshorn.

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