Sonia Pulido

SoniaPulidoWe love the ceramic pieces created by Sonia Pulido. The Barcelona-based artist is known for her illustrations but we chose to feature these whimsical and delicate porcelains. She says this about herself on Ana Yael art gallery:

“I am an illustrator, and I could not be anything else but an illustrator. Sometimes, however, I would turn my back on it all, and set up a small avant-garde flower-shop, ha. I am restless by nature. I need to try other applications of illustrations, this is when I discover the wonderful world of ceramics. The idea is to relate the illustration with a tridimensional object. The pieces should have functional or decorative purpose. Nature, the feminine, the symbolic are the issues developed in those many objects. The object and the illustration are made one for another, the intention is to look for simplicity, the essential, in the form and in the stories that the pieces evoke.”

You can see and follow her work on her website, blog and Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Sonia Pulido.



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