Sophie Verger

We love animals hence we are enamored by the sculptures of French artist, Sophie Verger.  Born in Paris In 1970, she ROEDERER Academy of Art.1971, Nissim school of CAMONDO and was admitted to Beaux-Arts in 1971.She continued on her chosen path with classical training at the FAVRAT workshop. In 2003 she exhibited her first bronze sculptures at the POMPON Museum and museum exhibitions and galleries continue to this day. On an interview with L’Oiel du Prince Gallerie she says this about animal sculptures:

“My animals are very human … It is not the subject in sculpture that is important, at least for me, but what we do with it. I don’t feel like an animal because I’m not looking for a detailed anatomical representation of the animal. I have worked a lot on anthropomorphism with reference to antiquity and myths.
The advantage of animals is their anatomical particularities which widen the field of forms which I can play to arouse an emotion and their multiple symbolic values generating ideas. I feel material, form and emotion and the difference between man and animal is small if we exclude the neural faculties of the former which make him a super predator, but also certainly an artist….”

More of her work can be seen on her website and on Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Sophie Verger.

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