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Myriam Dion

We love it when artists reuse materials and incorporate them into their design.  Canadian artist Myriam Dion cuts rich textural patterns reminiscent of embroidered lacework right into latest edition of newspapers pages such as The Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and Le Devoir to name a few. She is careful to respect whatever newspaper she is transforming, invents new scenes, landscapes and narratives within the pages to bring the newspaper’s stories to life. On an article in Huffpost the French-Canadian artist says this about her work:

“By crafting thoughtful mosaics out of the world events, I question our appetite for sound-bite news and sensational art, showing the quiet power of a patient hand and an inquisitive eye.  I am creating a new newspaper that can be interpreted, that encourages people to think more deeply about the news that we consume too easily.”

  The artist can be followed on her website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Myriam Dion.

Clare Celeste Börsch

Clare Celeste Börsch is an American artist based in Berlin.  She is best known for her large-scale paper installations and compositions of flora and fauna.  The artist uses found, photographed, and hand-painted images to create her artworks.  Her work has been featured in hotel lobbies, magazines, on book covers and wine bottles, and has even been made into puzzles. In an interview with Jackson’s Art she says this about her creative journey:

“I used to paint and used collage as a way to plan my paintings. Then one day I realized I liked the collage more and never went back!”

“I begin by collecting, cutting out, and sorting images. I later create series and large works in focused sprints. These bursts of creativity feel, at the time, very intuitive and I get into a flow. But the labour and planning that went in beforehand allow them to happen!”

“Collage also seems a very appropriate medium for me given my life story. Having grown up all over the world, my life has been a collage of sorts. For me, it makes sense to collage a Brazilian butterfly next to a North American flower. In my mind, they are intrinsically connected.”

The artist can be followed on her website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Clare Celeste Börsch.

Clare Youngs

Clare Youngs trained as a graphic designer who worked in manufacturing, mainly in packaging design. Since childhood has enjoyed making beautiful handcrafted objects working with paper and fabric. She is also a craft author whose books are available in craft and book stores. The artist moved from London and now lives and works in Broadstairs, on the beautiful coast of Kent. On Fishink blog she says this about herself: 

“When I can, I enjoy escaping to my studio to work on one off pieces. I have collected ephemera since I was a child and utilize vintage labels and paper in my pieces. When working with fabric I like to recycle and love to give a new lease of life to something old.”

You can follow the artist on her website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Clare Youngs.

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