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Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand.  His brand name GLENNZ mean GLENN from NZ.  Glenn is a graphic designer and illustrator who, for over 18 years, has worked in the design industry focusing on packaging, illustration and corporate identity.  On his spare time he started creating t-shirt art and then became was one of the best selling designers on Threadless.  He then started his own shirt company selling a range of t-shirts, calendars and laptop skins.  He gives us these incites on his info page:  

Where do you get your ideas from? “It’s my most asked question. The best ideas come when you’re not trying to think of ideas. A lot of it is about nostalgia and trying to look at everyday stuff in a different way.

Do you ever get creative blocks? How do you get over these? “All the time, so I do something else, go for a run, go take photos, go get a coffee. Any one of those options always seems to work.

You can view more of his work on his website, Facebook, Dribble and Instagram. You can purchase his t-shirts here on Threadless.

Images:  Courtesy of Glenn Jones.

Guy Billout

French artist and illustrator Guy Billout was born in Decize in 1941. After finishing his art training in the city of Beaune, he started to work in the advertising industry before he finally moved to New York City in 1969. His style is described as clean, spare and precise, with lush colors and exquisite craftsmanship. His drawings often deals with quiet irony creating a clever twist on the ordinary life.  In 1989 he received the Hamilton King Award which is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in illustration and in 2016, he was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame.

His master portfolio can be found in Graphis.  He is represented in Germany by Margarethe Huber.

Images:  Courtesy of Guy Billout.

Phillipe Weisbecker

“I’ve always loved rustic furniture, made from stumps, branches or pieces of wood. Initially I wanted to faithfully reproduce the furniture in the book. Very quickly, I realized that I was especially interested in the skeleton of these pieces of furniture, their structures and the vectors of force that govern them. Little by little, I even came to free myself from these parameters to arrive at simpler structural compositions, halfway between figuration and abstraction.” – Phillippe Weisbecker

In essence, Philippe Weisbecker’s art consist of depicting elements of our daily life untouched by the sometime devastating effects of fashion’s changing mood. Born 1942 in Dakar, Philippe Weisbecker studied interior design in Paris.  In 1968 he moved to New York where he first worked as a draftsman in an architectural firm.  At the age of 30 he started his career as an illustrator. His work has been published in major American publications and in the late 90’s he shifted gradually from commissioned work to his own original production that he is now showing in galleries worldwide.

Unfortunately, there is not a website for Mr. Weisbecker to which we could direct you.

Images:  Courtesy of Phillippe Weisbecker.

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