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Trüf Creative

Trüf Creative was found by two marketing experts Adam Goldberg and Monika Lehrer.  Their Los Angeles design studio focuses on branding and digital solutions for a wide range of clients.  We were very much attracted to their ongoing illustration project exploring the plant world, Flora, which we had to post.  Love the simplicity and minimalistic approach of their work.

You can see their portfolio on their website and on Behance.

Images:  Courtesy of Trüf Creative.

Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi

Admiring this botanical calendar created by Japanese painter, Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi, a graduate of Kanazawa College of Art and Commerce Design.  He created this calendar with the thought that “the beginning of an unforgettable day should be somewhat gentle”.  There are 365 images none of which are the same. 

You can view more of his work on his website, Tumblr, Facebook and Behance.  Some of his original paintings are available in his Etsy shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Tesuhiro Wakabayashi.


Rajesh Sawant

We know very little about graphic designer and freelance illustrator, Rajesh Sawant.  We do know that he is based in Mumbai and we love his illustrations.  Wish we could post more of his work but alas posting space is limited.

More of his work can be seen on Behance, Art Station and Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Rajesh Sawant.

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